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People are irrational. That irrationality affects every aspect of our lives, every day. If we were more rational, we’d start to save in our early years, we’d exercise more regularly and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and at work, we’d always deliver effectively, without prompting.

Behavioural Insights gives us a better understanding of human behaviour and the biases that affect our decision making.  Understanding our own biases helps us to better manage ourselves. Understanding other people’s biases helps us to improve our interactions with them.

At Carr Communications, we can work with you to apply this understanding. Our approach is backed by the best research from economics, psychology and other social sciences. It is then applied using rigorous methodologies to generate significant impact for our clients.


Our training and approach has seen many successful outcomes for our clients.  Our training approach is backed by rigorous methodologies and as well as our team’s vast experience to create highly effective evidence-based interventions.

Financial Services Company
Regional Sales Manager

“Most successful programme ever. Since the training we have delivered our best quarterly sales in 6 years”

Government Body
Head of Department

“Simply the best course I have undertaken in 30 years. I know that I will be able to apply so much of what I have learnt”

Global Technology Company
Divisional Head of HR

“Participants gave an overall rating of 94%. This is an amazing endorsement from an audience of Senior HR professionals”

Global Food Ingredients Company
Head of Operations

“So easy to see how the insights can be applied.  Finally, as a leader of over 350 people I know how to ensure my team are happy and engaged”

Investment House
Divisional Director

“85% of our clients have confirmed that their company’s revenue has increased because of the insights training”

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What ARE Behavioural INSIGHTS?

Behavioural Insights brings together cutting-edge thinking from Economics (Behavioural Economics) and Psychology (Behavioural Science) to understand why people behave the way they do. The area boasts Nobel Prize winners and has been endorsed by governments across the globe.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Clients failing to engage your services after you’ve sent them a comprehensive explanation of your company
  • Customers sticking with current providers even though you offer better value
  • Team members leaving reports to the very last minute before a deadline
  • Employees responding negatively to an exciting change within your organisation

Behavioural Insights offers proven and tested solutions to these issues and helps bring about behaviour change in your clients, your team members, and even yourself.


Our training and approach has seen many successful outcomes for our clients.  Our training approach is backed by rigorous methodologies and as well as our team’s vast experience to create highly effective evidence-based interventions.

Anthony Kelly

Anthony Kelly, Head of Behavioural Insights

Project Director of Carr Communications, he has extensive experience in internal communications and employee engagement as well as training programmes to deliver organisational and cultural change in organisations.  Anthony is one of Carr Communications most senior trainers and is a much sought-after facilitator and presenter.

Anthony has a both legal and commercial background and has worked for a number of Ireland’s most senior politicians.  Anthony firmly believes in the application of Behavioural Insights in companies and organisations and has seen first-hand the impact that some of the programmes he has delivered has had.

Anthony has worked with many leading and high profile companies in Ireland and North America on the implementation of Behavioural Insights and on engagement initiatives, organisational and cultural change projects, internal communications programmes and employee engagement surveys including Irish Life, AIB, RSA Insurance, ptsb, A&L Goodbody Solicitors, United Health Group, BioMarin and Savills.

Donal Cronin

Donal Cronin, Director

One of the most recognised communications and training coaches in Ireland, working with CEOs and Leadership Teams in leading organisations in both private and public sectors.

Donal has a reputation among senior leaders in the public and private sectors, and in politics, as the best person to help articulate strong, clear messages. He has worked over the years with the Chief Executives and leadership teams of financial services institutions, the Heads and Chairpersons of State Agencies and Authorities, Taoisigh, Ministers, and the Secretaries General of Government Departments on articulating difficult messages to internal and external audiences.

He has provided strategic communications consultancy and training to many of the country’s leading organisations, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Housing Agency, the National Standards Authority of Ireland, the Irish Aviation Authority, the Road Safety Authority, the Department of Finance National Communications Campaign on Mortgage Arrears, An Garda Síochána and a number of major financial institutions including Irish Life, R.B.S. (UK and International), AIB, Bank of America, and N.I.B.

How can Behavioural Insights support changes in behaviour?

Think say do diagram

Our experts devise and test solutions daily for client issues in areas as diverse as financial services, internal communications, and environmental protection. For the past decade, we have been applying behavioural insights, offering clients scientifically tested approaches to communication.

Our approach is based around a simple three factor model of understanding what people think, say and do. Communications and behaviour change interventions are designed to change what people think, say and do, so that’s where we start.

We use methods from Behavioural Insights which remove biased responses to gain a deeper understanding of what factors are driving current behaviour. We then analyse the results and devise a communication and behaviour change plan to bring about an impactful change in what your audience thinks, says and does.

What Behavioural INSIGHTS Services
does Carr Communications offer?

Training and Workshops

We offer a range of training programmes and workshops in the area. All of them can be bespoke to your team / organisation requirements.

To find out more please get in touch

Behavioural Insights for Senior Leaders
Behavioural Insights for Managers
Effectiveness and Happiness in Work
Behavioural Science for HR Managers
Behavioural Insights and Business Development
Behavioural Insights for Public Policy


Our experts provide consulting services across a range of issues with clients keen to apply Behavioural Insights to their business issues, get in touch to find out more.

Example of services offered:

  • Randomised Controlled Trials and Experiments for Businesses
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Communications and Website Audit and Analysis
  • People Insights Engagement Surveys
  • Culture Audits


For more information about our offerings please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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