Business and Management Training Programmes

All of our Business and Management programmes are available online as interactive and engaging virtual workshops, delivered by our expert facilitators, allowing you to attend our courses from anywhere. We design and deliver tailored training programmes to match the precise needs of organisations. Our training programmes are tailored to suit all levels, from the most junior person at induction level to Senior Management and Executive Teams.


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Communication and Media Skills

Our presentation skills training is rooted in one core principle; we help you deliver a presentation in your own style, using your own words that will change attitudes and behaviour. A presentation that will be interesting, understandable and memorable.

We are the leading European trainer of presenters, newsreaders, reporters, researchers, script-writers and TV/Radio producers. Our constantly-refined media training is unequalled in its effectiveness for the individual. And it’s fun.

Carr Communications has a unique expertise when it comes to speechwriting. Our consultants have written more speeches, for more people, from more organisations than any other company in Ireland. Our speechwriting course will make you the best speechwriter you can be.

Every company’s senior management team should be trained to handle the media during any crisis that may occur. The central objectives of this training would be to ensure that all of the crisis team are equipped to deal directly with the media during any incident.

Management and Leadership Development

If you don’t structure your approach to managing people, then you are relying on your personality. Some situations require a more structured approach. This course will give you a practical and logical approach to managing people, and the core skills for dealing with typical situations.

Good teams do not build themselves. You have to lead – you need to put in place a process and a structure to form and develop the team, to maintain team motivation, and to ensure team delivery.

Making the right decisions can be very challenging. Emotions, fear, lack of agreement and too much information all cloud our judgement.This programme is designed to help you make clear and rational decisions – whilst taking account of people’s emotions.

You cannot do everything yourself. To deliver your results, you must develop your people. Every manager must now be a coach. This course will show you how to do it, how to create the time, and why it is so important.

We provide a full one-to-one coaching service for Managers and Executives. Our Senior Consultants work with Senior Managers and Senior Officials in many leading companies and Departments.

Whether or not you have a formal system of Performance Management in place, this course will give you the practical skills to manage performance and non-performance. It will give you an effective management tool, not a bureaucratic process.

Giving realistic, honest feedback is one of the key skills of an effective manager. It is also the area many managers avoid, because they lack the skills and are afraid of damaging relationships. This course will show you how to give effective feedback and deal with poor or non-performance.

There are so many calls on any executive’s time that it is all too easy to be constantly distracted and interrupted. You help out, and your own priorities suffer – a huge cause of anxiety. This course will give you simple and practical steps to make you more effective.

Interpersonal Skills

We all negotiate every day. This course is designed for anyone who has to negotiate. The level will vary from junior managers dealing with suppliers and clients, to salary negotiations, up to executive and corporate negotiations.

Very few meetings are effectively run. If you have to manage meetings, whether team meetings, client meetings or management meetings, then this is a competency you should have. Following this course, you will be able to manage any meeting, at any level, effectively and productively.

This course is for people who do not have the confidence and the impact they should have in the workplace. They may have been told that in particular situations, they are not assertive enough, don’t participate enough at key meetings and functions, and don’t make the right impression.

Everyone wants to be able to level with people, be recognised for honesty and straight-forwardness, without causing conflict. This course will give you practical, workable approaches to achieve that.

Writing Programmes

If writing is an important part of your work, then our Business Writing course will be extremely helpful. It will give you simple & effective principles to apply in all writing. You can apply these simple and effective principles to reports, letters, emails and presentations.

This course will give you clear and definitive guidelines to use in preparing reports. It will cover Planning and Structure, Writing and Editing, Layout and Presentation.

Letters and e-mails are a critical part of your contact and relationship with clients and customers. It is vital that all communications with clients and customers are professional and present the image you want to convey.

When you are pitching for business, your tender document is a critical part of the process. The private and public sector are becoming more specific and demanding in their expectations of tender documents. This course will show you how to put together the most impressive document.

Sales and Service Programs

This programme will give you a clear understanding of how to develop and grow business and sales. It will show you how to develop the relationship so that, in addition to getting the sale, you are getting further business and valuable referrals.

This programme will show you the importance of managing customer relationships, and will give you the key steps to do this. It is not a sales programme. If client relationships are superbly managed, you are investing in future business and referrals.

No matter what your area of expertise, you will inevitably find yourself in competition with other professionals & organisations of high calibre. Pitching ideas and pitching for business (formally and informally) is now a core competency for any professional.

In a climate of rapid change, one thing remains continuously the same – what customers want. They want you to provide them with a superior service. And they compare you – not just with your direct competition – but with the service they receive everywhere they go.

Each angry or difficult customer is an opportunity for your organisation to show your real values. This course gives you the tools to deal effectively with potentially damaging customer encounters.

Telephone relationships with clients are now a critical part of any organisation’s business. You need to be professional, friendly, and memorable, in a short time, without the benefit of the face-to-face encounter.

Your receptionist is the first person your clients and customers meet. The impression your receptionist gives is one of the lasting impressions of your business. You cannot leave reception standards to chance or common sense.


If you provide in-house training, this course will show you how to apply professional standards to all aspects of your needs analysis, course preparation, delivery, and evaluation.

Design and Delivery

We design and deliver tailored training programmes to match the precise needs of organisations. Our training programmes are tailored to suit all levels, from the most junior person at induction level to Senior Management and Executive Teams.

We also run a series of open programmes once a month in core communications areas.


We facilitate Senior Level strategic planning and business planning and advise on business strategy. We provide: Change Management consultancy; Media Crisis Management; Recruitment structures and processes; Outplacement services. We design, develop and implement Performance Management and Development (Appraisal) Systems. We design and develop Competency and Capability Frameworks. We advise on Internal Communications systems and Structures.

Audits / Analysis

We provide internal audits to measure the effectiveness of communications structures and practices. We provide detailed reports on how to improve both structures and practices. We provide Training Needs Analysis so that any training interventions we recommend are aligned to the strategic and business needs of the organisation.

Business & Executive Coaching

We provide one-to-one business coaching. We work through specific issues and development needs, with the aim of improving personal effectiveness and performance. We also provide personal and career direction.