HR and Career Development Services

Carr Communications’ Career Development services is the national resource for people at all stages in their working life. We provide a range of career planning and development services for both individuals and corporate clients. All of our HR and Career development programmes are available online as interactive and engaging virtual workshops, delivered by our expert facilitators, allowing you to attend our courses from anywhere.

Our track record in preparing people for job or promotion interviews is unequalled, nationally and internationally. This is just one of the Career Development services we have been offering for the last 30 years.

Our Career Development services are designed and delivered by experienced HR specialists and career guidance coaches. Whether you’re a student examining the options for your future, an employee at a crossroads in your career, an ambitious executive going for promotion, or an organisation introducing career development initiatives, we offer the skills and expertise you need to define your target – and hit it.

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Prepare for Job interviews

Carr Communications is the recognised leader in Interview Preparation. This is one of the most important presentations you will ever make. People often recognize that they have done a disservice to their own potential by failing to prepare correctly. This session will ensure you give your best interview.

Highly structured and competency-based interviews are now becoming the norm and Carr Communications has driven the move from theory to practice, developing, testing and introducing such interview approaches in a wide range of public and private sector bodies.

More frequently presentations are being used as a method of selection as part of the recruitment process. We have an unrivalled track record in preparing candidates to present at interview. The emphasis is on preparation and developing confidence.

Assessment Centres are regarded as one of the most reliable forms of selection. They are often used by larger organisations as a part of the recruitment and development process where they are looking for evidence of a range of abilities and skills.


Introducing yourself to a potential employer or customer may require a CV, a great cover letter, a demo DVD or a website. Your CV and letter of application is the first impression you give to a potential employer. If selected, they can also set the agenda of the interview.

Career Planning
and Development

Going for Partnership in a Professional Firm?
We work with you at every step in the process, helping you put your very best foot forward. Whether it is developing your networking plan, preparing your business case or presenting your strengths and achievements with impact – we will help you succeed.

Our Career Planning programme includes consultation and personality questionnaires which provide a detailed insight into yourself thus helping you to reach your full career potential. This programme has a superb track record in helping to participants to clarify their objectives and to reach them.

Personality Assessment and Profiling allows individuals to identify the strengths and weaknesses that are helpful to consider when choosing a career path. You will be happier in your job if your personality suits the role. In turn, you will be more successful and achieve more job satisfaction.

HR Services

Are potential employees attracted to your company because of your status, reputation and favourable image? Do your people policies and culture mean your employees are your companies best advocates and champions?

Your top talent people hold the greatest potential for your organisation’s development, innovation and growth. Investing in your high potentials – your company’s future leaders, by creating and developing a High Potential Development programme will achieve the highest return on investment.

Organisations can learn a lot from conducting effective exit interviews with departing employees before they leave. Exit interviews provide an opportunity for the employee to provide feedback on why they are leaving, what they liked/disliked about their employment and what areas they feel need improvement.

People returning to the workforce after an absence of a significant period of time, either because of parental leave, compassionate leave, career breaks or overseas employment face specific challenges on their return to the workforce.

Recruitment Interviewer Training

Recruiting the right people means you need to conduct effective selection interviews. If you are a manager or an executive who needs to improve your interviewing skills, our Recruitment Interviewing skills programme will provide you with a practical grounding in best practice recruitment interviewing techniques.

A structured, objective, and carefully planned process is vital if you want to identify suitable candidates at interview. This Programme will show you how to put together such a process, or build on an existing one. It will also give you the skills to probe answers effectively.


Are potential employees attracted to your company because of your status, reputation and favourable image? Do your people policies and culture mean your employees are your companies best advocates and champions?

One to one in-depth consultation providing advice and guidance in career planning, action planning and incorporating our career transition or career management processes where appropriate.

Carr Communications will provide comprehensive workshops and guidance to support individuals in career planning and obtaining a new role quickly. These workshops will be tailored to the needs of the groups involved.

Senior managers who are encountering this turning point in their careers (particularly those for whom it is involuntary and unexpected) need a high level of structure in the Outplacement Approach since, for the first time in years, they will be living without the structure of work.

Individual Programmes

Our Career consultation services and programmes are for individuals at all stages of their careers. Whether you are a student looking for your first job, or a senior manager making a career change, our career planning and development services will help you evaluate, plan and prepare yourself for your next move.

Our confidential one-to-one consultations are invaluable to individuals who are at a career crossroads, and want to gain optimum results from the recruitment process. We help you to clarify your career aspirations and target positions suitable for your skills, talents and competencies. We assist you to plan and achieve your career goals, through increased self awareness, structured coaching and action planning.

Corporate Programmes

Carr Communications has extensive experience in assisting organisations to manage and implement workplace change and development strategies. We provide a comprehensive range of HR career development services which are tailored to your organisations’ culture and specific requirements.

Our experienced consultants will support you in developing HR initiatives and development programmes such as succession management and talent programmes. This will enrich job roles and provide career opportunities for your staff.

We will work closely with your HR people to design effective career development structures and programmes for the different stages of an individual’s career. We help to develop the framework for the initiative, design the core components of the programme with you and provide support throughout the implementation of the programme.

Training Programmes

Carr Communications are renowned as the experts in Communications, Training and Development. Our Careers Training programmes are the same. Our careers experts run open programmes for individuals as well as tailored corporate programmes across all the areas of career management.