Media Skills

Media Skills

Virtual Interactive Workshop – Tuesday, 5TH MARCH 2024

With more people than ever turning to TV and radio for trusted news updates now is the time to fine-tune your media skills. This Virtual Interactive Workshop is designed for anybody who will be doing radio or TV interviews.

This programme offers the same level of interaction and practical media interview training as our highly successful classroom-based courses. You will build your confidence, clarify your key messages, manage difficult questions and ensure you enhance the reputation of your organisation.

Each exercise you undertake will be used to seek out the elements of your natural communication that should be bottled and kept, and those that need to be excised. In addition, each assessment will provide fundamental rules of approach to media interviews that apply to everyone.

The level of individual attention means the course has a maximum number of six participants.


The course provides:

  • Clear guidelines on preparing for a media interview
  • An understanding of how to present clear key messages
  • Insight into handling difficult questions
  • Guidelines on managing and enhancing your reputation
  • An understanding on how to be interesting, understandable and memorable
  • Help to control your nerves


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use mainstream media effectively – TV, radio and print
  • Ensure your message is heard
  • Understand the advantages / disadvantages of national vs local media
  • Write a press release
  • Prepare a soundbyte
  • Use the key principles of effective communication
  • Know what media wants


You can book your spot by using the booking form below, or alternatively, contact us at 017728900 or at