K2 – Behavioural Insights and Business Development

Programme overview?

A business development programme with behavioural insights at its core. This programme will help you to grow your business by application of behavioural insights. The programme parallels the ascent of K2 – the most challenging mountain in the world.

If we lived in a perfectly rational world, we would start to save for our retirement early, maintain and healthy and balanced diet, and pursue activities that give us meaning and purpose. But we know that isn’t the real world, for us or for our clients. This programme gives a deeper insight into that irrational behaviour, and a toolkit for how to develop your business and impact.

We cover key areas such as developing your business proposition, how you differentiate yourself, toolkit for having meaningful conversations with clients, how to prospect, and boosting effectiveness of your team and yourself.



  • Understand the latest thinking and experiments from behavioural insights
  • Use our practical tools to have better conversations with clients
  • Overcome friction in decisions such as regret and fear
  • Build trust and influence decision making
  • Create marginal gains to boost impact
  • Plan for your business priorities