Engage – Behavioural Insights for Managers

How to get your team to better engage with you as a manager / team leader


Who is this programme for?

Managers and team-leaders…anyone for whom:

  • Leading and motivating a team is a key part of your role
  • Your results depend on the engagement of your team members
  • You have to spend a portion of your time giving briefings and team updates
  • You also spend more time communicating by e-mail
  • You need to balance your own work and your role as a manager /coach


Why should you attend?
  • You find that your team aren’t always engaging or acting on things
  • You may have received feedback that you need to up your game on the ‘people’ side
  • You may have been told you are too technical
  • You are uncomfortable with some aspects of the role
  • You find some types of interactions – individual and team – harder than others


What outcomes can you expect?
  • You will have a better understanding of what motivates people to act – or not
  • You will learn how to get people to better engage with you as a manager
  • You will be able to create a culture of engagement within your team
  • You will know better how to motivate individuals and the team
  • You will have tools and frameworks to guide you in key communications, briefings, emails


What is the format of the programme?
  • Expert inputs in the psychology of motivation, engagement, and communication
  • Interactive exercises and facilitator-led group discussion
  • Pre-reading and follow-up reading suggestions
  • Take away tools to boost team engagement
  • A completed personal development plan