Crisis Communications Programme

Crisis Communications

No one can predict when a crisis will strike — but being prepared and knowing how to react will buy precious time and help to protect your organisation’s reputation. Every organisation, big or small, should have a crisis plan in place.

How do you prepare for a crisis? What should you do when it happens? Who should you communicate with first? How do you handle the media? And how do you rebuild your organisation’s reputation afterwards?

Carr Communications’ Crisis Communications Programme will equip you with everything you need to know about protecting your reputation during times of crisis and beyond. The course is designed to be as practical as possible combining theory, real-life examples and practical guidelines so you can apply it directly to your organisation when you leave our offices.

Delivered by Johnny Fallon, a specialist in crisis communications who has handled a range of different crises, including major safety incidents, industrial relations disputes and significant threats to reputation. Johnny will lead you through the initial stage of crisis preparation, from identifying potential threats to activating a crisis communications plan and assessing your organisation’s reputation post-crisis.


You will learn:
  1. What a crisis is and how to identify one
  2. How to prepare for a crisis
  3. How to develop a crisis plan
  4. How to put the plan into action
  5. How to respond to a crisis
  6. How to assess and rebuild your reputation and organisational plans


Who should attend:

Communications Professionals, Project Managers, Office Managers, Senior Managers or CEOs


Contact Dawn at or 01 772 8900 for further information about the course.