COVID-19 (Coronavirus) company update

In light of the threat of Covid-19, we have taken a range of measures to ensure we  can continue to serve our clients, and protect the health of our team.

For all enquiries call us as usual on 01 772 8900 or your usual contact person. You can also email us at

Client service

We have successfully moved to a fully remote working model as of the beginning of March. We are also now delivering all of our training and services virtually. We are delighted with the feedback we are receiving from clients in relation to the quality of service being provided via a variety of virtual platforms. So far every client has been delighted with the positive impact that has been achieved.


Protecting our people

We have ceased all international and domestic business travel.  This has been further extended to all out-of-office events. Following a detailed review, we established that no Carr Communications staff had travelled to regions that are most affected by the virus and therefore we did not need to implement that phase of our comprehensive contingency plan.


Rest assured that we are treating the well-being of our team and our clients as a key priority and want to ensure that we do not contribute to the risk that the virus spreads further. We believe the measures we have in place will minimise the health risk to our team and clients whilst continuing to provide the high quality services expected of Carr Communications.  We will keep you up to date if there are any material changes to our planning and we sincerely hope that you and your teams stay safe and well.

Sláinte chugat,

The Carr Communications team